Succeeding With Your Invention

Invention Success

 Or Idea, Is The Idea!

We have used proven methods and programs and they work. If after evaluation OMNI  Chooses to assist you in promoting your idea, invention or business, it is because we believe we can help you make it a profitable venture.

What is the chance of success with your invention? … at OMNI we leave nothing to chance.

  • Evaluation as to viability
  • Patent search & patents
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Market analysis and marketing program development
  • Design cost reduction and manufacturing simplicity
  • Financing programs
  • Public relations and national exposure
  • A business plan for profitability
  • Licensing or manufacture
  • Corporate structure and tax planning



OMNI Invention Laboratoy



Why Do So Few Inventors Succeed?

Because the inventor does not know where to go for guidance or financing.

We at OMNI know how to bring an idea or invention from inception to successful profitability.